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WELCOME TO Europe Villa 歐風小鎮

清境歐風小鎮 是由從事建築設計及古蹟修復的林正雄為圓太太的夢想,所親自設計建造的歐式別墅建築。 全家人由台北移民清境農場,於2003年7月興建完工。並提供遊客住宿、早餐、及旅遊諮詢或協助配套活動。 歐風小鎮希望建立一座台灣最高的人文民宿,並企圖透過歐洲城堡式建築、古典溫馨浪漫的裝潢、及綠意盎然的環境,來重新詮釋人與天、人與自然、及人與人的關係。 以乾淨、安靜、安全、舒適的環境,提供遊客耳目一新的感受,及知性、感性兼具的民宿之旅。
The whole family from Taipei immigrants Qing farm, in July 2003 completed the construction. And provide tourist accommodation, breakfast, and travel advice or assistance in supporting activities. The town of Oufeng wants to build the highest human and cultural b & b in Taiwan, and attempts to reinterpret the relationship between man and nature, man and nature and human beings through European castle architecture, classical warm and romantic decoration, and green environment. relationship. A clean, quiet, safe and comfortable environment, to provide visitors with a fresh experience, and intellectual, both emotional and residential tour.

A house is built hauds.

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